Poison Control Report


Poison Control Report

Courtesy of Spokane County Health Department of Environmental Health, we received the Washington State Poison Control Center report on the actual exposures relating to arts and crafts products for the entire country in 1993.  These numbers reflect incidents in children 0 – 6 years of age. 



Exposure Route Number

- Affected Paint Ingestion 864

- Chalk Ingestion 1721

- Clay Ingestion 1389

- Crayons Ingestion 1952

- Glazes Ingestion 260

- Pencil Ingestion 2919

- Pen/Ink Ingestion 12456

- Watercolor Ingestion 2465

- Other Art Supplies - 4828

- Unknown/Art related - 460    



The CSA continues to relate the importance of safety and supervision with young artists.  While most of these recorded exposures involve ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption are serious concerns as well.


Art Hazard News, Volume 17, No. 4, 1994

This article was originally printed for Art Hazard News, © copyright Center for Safety in the Arts 1994. It appears on nontoxicprint courtesy of the Health in the Arts Program, University of Illinois at Chicago, who have curated a collection of these articles from their archive which are still relevant to artists today.