Lawsuit against Naz-Dar
and Architect

Attorney Frederick R. Hovde has filed lawsuits against an architect for a junior/senior high school and against Naz-Dar and other defendants on behalf of the estate of Indiana art teacher Theresa Staley, who died of leukemia alleged to be caused by silk screen products.

The lawsuit against Naz-Dar is based on a theory of failure to warn about the hazards of their products.  The lawsuit against the architect who designed the art room where Mrs. Staley taught is on the basis of negligent design for failure to provide for adequate ventilation.  This is the first case claiming negligence on the part of an architect designing an arts facility that has come to the attention of the Center for Safety in the Arts.

Art Hazard News, Volume 18, No. 1, 1995

This article was originally printed for Art Hazard News, © copyright Center for Safety in the Arts 1995. It appears on nontoxicprint courtesy of the Health in the Arts Program, University of Illinois at Chicago, who have curated a collection of these articles from their archive which are still relevant to artists today.