Scented Crayons

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As reported in the New York Times in November, Crayola crayons has changed its scented crayon formulations because of protest form concerned parents.

 Three million boxes of Magic Scent crayons had been sold with crayons smelling of licorice, coconut, chocolate, cherry and blueberry.  Binney & Smith, the manufacturer, stated that eating crayons is not a problem since these formulations were nontoxic.  Examples of the changed fragrances include the peach-colored crayon, previously scented like apricot; now scented like lumber, the black crayon previously scented like licorice; now scented like a leather jacket, and the brown crayon previously scented like chocolate; now smelling like dirt.  Gray smells like a campfire, and sky blue smells like fresh air.

(Changing the scents from fruits and flowers to other scents still means that children are encouraged to smell art materials, or even finished artworks.  Note: scented markers, made by another company are still on the market with fruity and candy-type smells. -Ed)

Art Hazard News, Volume 18, No. 5, 1995

This article was originally printed for Art Hazard News, © copyright Center for Safety in the Arts 1995. It appears on nontoxicprint courtesy of the Health in the Arts Program, University of Illinois at Chicago, who have curated a collection of these articles from their archive which are still relevant to artists today.